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Why choose GAVINS?


The dictionary defines the word ‘professional’ as expert, skillful, excellent, accomplished etc. While we don’t like blowing our own horn we do believe the services GAVINS provide are all of these and more. We can’t master the weather for you but we aim to master the experience you have with us, at a standard we believe is excellent.


A statement we often hear at GAVINS from those outside the business is, “...but to do that is not possible/not practical/not done before, etc etc...”. These sort of statements are like a red rag to a bull. We are a team of innovative thinkers who take a challenge and create a new standard or way of thinking. Some people like to think outside the box. At GAVINS, there is no box.


From its inception back in the late 1970’s GAVINS have always used technology which is cutting edge for its time. By keeping in step with the ever changing times we offer our clients the best service and products using a fleet of modern now machinery, not machinery from time’s past.

Great team

We could have the best equipment in the world but this would be a waste if we didn’t have great people alongside. Our staff are GAVINS best asset. These are the people who represent what we stand for and personify the excellence in service we aim to provide our clients.

Key Contacts

  • James Gavin Managing Director

    James Gavin

    Managing Director

    James has lived and breathed GAVINS his whole life. Like his Dad (Ian - our company founder) before him he is always thinking about how to do things smarter and with greater efficiency. James’ love for all things agriculture combined with his business acumen and innovation ensures the team at GAVINS produce a quality service.

    Phone:021 863 350

  • Chris Paterson Business Manager

    Chris Paterson

    Business Manager

    Born and bred on a dairy farm here in the Waikato, Chris started driving tractors with GAVINS in 2005. Within a couple of years GAVINS realised his keen sense of strategic thinking and he has significantly helped develop the way we implement our services to our clients.

    Phone:021 451 112

  • Stockfeed


    Phone:07 824 3519

  • Andrew Geddes Operations Manager - Contracting

    Andrew Geddes

    Operations Manager - Contracting

    As a Hawkes Bay lad, Andrew longed to live in the Waikato joining GAVINS in 2011 after gaining a Sports and Leisure degree from Waikato Uni. Andrew helps co­ordinate and manage our cultivation, cropping and planting teams all over the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and South Auckland to a high standard. He would love to help you out with your contracting (and even your fitness) enquiries.

    Phone:021 773 039

  • Stuart Ellis Operations Manager - Transport

    Stuart Ellis

    Operations Manager - Transport

    Hailing from the East Coast Stu has been driving trucks and machinery from the time he knew how to say brmm brmm as a young fella graduating to the real thing in '98. For any transport, logistics and earthwork enquiries get in touch with Stu.

    Phone:027 858 6668

  • Gary Kirkpatrick Operations Manager - Contracting

    Gary Kirkpatrick

    Operations Manager - Contracting

    When he is not out on his mountain bike, our kiwi Irishman, Gary can seamlessly organise your on farm requirements whether it’s putting seed in the ground, ensuring your silage gets chopped and baled or getting a load of meal into your silo. Give Gary a ring to chat about your farm's needs ­ to be sure, to be sure.

    Phone:021 767 373

What we do

  • Contracting

    We are industry leading in agricultural contracting offering a range of services to meet your needs. As your needs continue to evolve so too do our services as we develop new and better ways of doing things. We offer a wide range of services including:

    • Spraying
    • Mould board and chisel ploughing
    • Subsoiling and aerating
    • Power harrowing
    • Lime & fertiliser spreading
    • Direct drilling & undersowing
    • Roller drilling
    • Precision maize and fodder beet planting (20 and 30 inch rows)
    • Side dressing
    • Bulk maize / grass silage harvesting
    • Grass silage baling
    • Maize grain harvesting
    • Maize grain drying and storage
    • Weighing and crop testing
    • Mulching
    • Muck spreading
    • Crop sales & marketing
    • Land leasing & crop management
    • Soil testing
    • Silage cover and wrap sales
    • Lime and fertiliser supply and sales
  • Stockfeed

    Our state of the art stockfeed mill ensures your specific feed requirements are met. With a customised blend, this enables you to meet your animal’s nutritional needs any time throughout the year. We also produce a number of high quality standard blends in dairy calf and goat meal. Get in touch with us to discuss:

    • Bulk feeds delivered to silo or bunker
    • Bulk feed in half & one tonne bags
    • Feed in 25kg bags
    • 16% calf meal
    • 18% calf meal -­ Rumen Rocket
    • 20% calf meal
    • NZ maize, wheat, barley grains
    • Various minerals and additives (including Bovatec)
    • Custom designed and standard blends
    • Pick up or delivery
    • Product particle size (0.7mm to­ 7 mm)
    • DDG's, Non GM Canola, PKE, Soybean Meal , NZ Feed Peas
    • Forage products in bales
    • Stockfeed contracts
    • Goat kid meal plus
    • Chook meal (20 kg bags)
    • Our new premium product - Amino Plus Calf Meal
  • Earthworks

    GAVINS have a range of excavation and earthmoving equipment available for any job you require from 12 and 20 tonne excavators to 6 and 12 cubic metre earth scoops etc. Our services include:

    • Earthworks
    • Farm race construction & maintenance
    • Metal laying
    • Drain digging & cleaning (tilt / cleaning / V buckets)
    • Stumping & tree work
    • Pipe laying
    • Tank installation
    • Silage stacking / reloading
    • Grading races, tracks driveways
    • Blading / levelling
    • Bale cartage & sales
    • General transport
    • Scooping ­ 6, 10 and 12m3
    • Silt pond design and construction
    • Farm pond construction
    • Rolling ­ 7 tonne single drum
    • Subdivision work
    • House pad sites
    • Sand and gravel supply & cartage
    • Tractors & trailers for site work
    • Trucks for site work
    • Laser / GPS work
    • Machinery transport
    • Truck mounted cranes