GAVINS can take the expense and hassle out of excavation and earthmoving projects.

We’ve got a full range of machinery to help you tackle your next earthworks project:

  • Scooping 6, 9, 10 & 12m3

  • Silt pond design & construction

  • Farm pond design & construction

  • Various size diggers from 3.5 tonne to 21 tonne

  • Rolling 7 tonne single drum & 2.9 tonne twin drum

  • 7 tonne grader

  • Subdivision work

  • House/shed pad sites

  • Tractors & trailers and Trucks for site work

  • Laser/GPS guided machines

  • Machinery transport

  • General farm earthworks

  • Farm race/track construction & maintenance

  • Laying of all types of aggregates - brown & blue rock, sand, stock rock & lime chip

  • Digging of new drains and cleaning of old ones 

  • Tree and hedge work including stumping

  • Pipe laying including supply of novacoil and culverts

  • Tank installation 

  • Silage stacking 

  • Contouring and levelling of paddocks 

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