We create customised stockfeed blends at our state of the art stockfeed mill to ensure we can meet your specific feed requirements.

GAVINS are here to provide expert advice and support you with high quality feed throughout the year.

Get in touch today to about our range of stockfeed products and services:

  • Bulk feeds delivered to silo or bunker

  • Bulk feeds in half & one tonne bags

  • Feed in 25kg bags

  • 16% calf meal

  • 18% calf meal

  • 20% calf meal

  • NZ maize, wheat, barley grains

  • Various minerals & additives (including Bovatec)

  • Custom designed and standard blends

  • Product particle size (0.7mm to 7mm)

  • DDG's, Non GM Canola, PKE, Soybean Meal, NZ Feed Peas

  • Stockfeed contracts

  • Goat kid meal

  • Chook meal (20kg bags)

  • Our new premium product - Amino Plus Calf Meal

  • Pick up or delivery

  • Soy Hulls

  • Corn Gluten Pellets

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